Oumar Kane, Secretary-General of ORBICOM, the Network of UNESCO Chairs in Communication,is pleased to announce that more than 10 UNESCO chairs in Communication, and several groups associated with its members’ activities, have endorsed the International Declaration of Communications Professionals and Researchers for a Healthier, Viable, Better World.

“By becoming the official sponsor of the Declaration, at its launch last January, ORBICOM has witnessed a growing solidarity without borders on a daily basis. Echoing the universal message of commitment and resilience that the Declaration carries in the face of the unprecedented crises of our time, support was quickly heard from all regions of the world. And, I am very happy to say, the support of our network was there, from the very first days.

We intend to continue this call for mobilization on an international scale.  Faced with global issues of such magnitude, we must continue to give weight to this unified commitment, and strength in numbers remains a determining factor,”

Info: www.interdecom.org