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Chair « Communication, Public Relations and Advertising »
(Honorary Research Chair)


Description and Mandate of the Chair

Dear colleagues , The UNESCO Chair “Communication and Public Relations” of the Faculty of Journalism and Mass Communication (FJMC) of Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski” has the pleasure to invite you for participation in the XI-th International scientific conference “Dialog with the other : Balkan’s dimensions of the European Identity”, which is to be held on the 14th and 15th of November 2008 in Sofia, Bulgaria.

The conference will be dedicated to the 120 anniversary of the Sofia University and to the European year of intercultural dialogue 2008 . The UNESCO Chair “Communication and Public Relations” of the Faculty of Journalism and Mass Communication organizes the conference in cooperation with the Bulgarian National Commission of UNESCO..Your paper will be taken in following sessions and panel discussions:

1. New approaches to the European cultural diversity;
2. The Balkans as a crossroads of identities;
3. Europe’s and Balkan’s Images in Media, PR and Advertising;
4. Communication strategies for promotion of the Balkan’s cultural heritage.

Please, send your paper till 10 of October 2008 to the address fzmk@abv.bg

The official languages of the conference will be Bulgarian and English.  In the frame of the conference, at 14 of November 2008 will take place the second working meting for establishing of BALKANCOM – a net of departments and chairs on communication in Balkan countries as a future part of world net of UNESCO chairs on communication and PR ORBICOM ( www.orbicom.ca).

Please, take with you the official document as a representative of your chair/department if it will join to BALKANCOM as “institutional member”.  We will received the UNESCO grant and will cover your traveling, accommodation and daily expenses from 13 till 16 of November 2008.  We hope to have the pleasure to meet you in November 2008 in Bulgaria.

Yours sincerely,

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Totka Monova,
Dean of the FJMC
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Minka Zlateva,
Ex-Board’s member of ORBICOM,
Chairwoman of the Executive committee

The BALKANCOM NET will be created in Sofia

The UNESCO Chair “Communication and Public Relations” of the Faculty of Journalism and Mass Communication (FJMC) of Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski” organizes the X-th International scientific conference “Cultural Diversities and Communication amongst Cultures”, which is to be held on the 18th and 19th of May 2007 in Sofia, Bulgaria.

The conference will be dedicated to the 10th anniversary of the founding of the international conferences of the UNESCO Chair “Communication and Public Relations “ of the FJMC of Sofia University and to the 15-th years since the establishment of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Country office in Bulgaria.

The conference is the final stage of a five-months long project aiming to involve students, university teachers, experts from the PR industry and the UN agencies to carry out tangible and concrete activities in line with the proclaimed by UNESCO Universal Declaration on Cultural Diversity. Within the project, the emphasis will be put on the following key priorities:

• Mutual understanding and cooperation to enhance cultural pluralism as a guarantee for the preservation of lasting peace;
• The UN’s role for the dialogue amongst cultures;
• Education and awareness raising about the positive role of cultural diversity as an “adaptive process and as a capacity for expression, creation and innovation” (K. Matsuura);
• Applying the experience gained by world net of UNESCO chairs on communication and public relations ORBICOM(www.orbicom.ca) to overcome the “digital divide”
• Media, PR and advertising for communication amongst cultures• Communication strategies for the development and promotion of cultural corridors in South-East Europe

The UNESCO Chair “Communication and Public Relations” of the Faculty of Journalism and Mass Communication organizes the conference in cooperation with the Bulgarian Heritage National Association too. In the frame of the conference we plan to carry out a working meeting for creation a net of chairs on communication and PR on the Balkans- BALKANCOM as a future branch of ORBICOM.Assoc. Prof. Dr. Minka Zlateva, Chair holder

E-Mail : zlateva@press.bg

The Project Public Relations for Democracy, Ten Years Later

UNESCO and IPRA experts launch a project that encouraged the social changes and the emerging civil society in Bulgaria (1994-1995). Alain Modoux of UNESCO and Pier A. Hervo, former President of IPRA, undertake the project Public Relations for Democracy at the University of Sofia. As a result, a letter of agreement signed by Frederico Major, Director General of UNESCO and Prof. Dr. Ivan Lalov, Rector of the University of Sofia an UNESCO Chair Communication and Public Relations , is established at the Faculty of Journalism and Mass Communication. The Chair is a part of the ORBICOM family that has 25 Chair members in 72 countries.

The 10-year anniversary of the Chair has been opened by an exhibition at the Museum of the University, made from the studentds of PR. Special item of it is dedicated to Orbicom and Alain Modoux, who is recipient of the special order of recognition of the Sofia University.

The 8-th annual conference of the Chair, « Public Communication and Globalization: education in the values of democracy », organized in the frameworks of the European year for Democratic Citizenship throw Education. The Vice-Rector of the University, Prof. Dr.George Bakalov, Mrs. Alain Modoux of ORBICOM, the Secretary General of the National Commission for UNESCO, Vessellina Ivanova, Mr. Christo Georgiev of the ,Europe 1, Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Nelly Benova of the Bulgarian PR Society, Lubov Draganova, Ministry of Education sent regards to the participants of the conference.

140 teachers and students, journalists and PR attended the meetings dedicated to current issues of the Globalization, Eurointegration, and the education in public communication. The ORBICOM as a global network of UNESCO Chairs was a special topic at the Plenary Session. .

Scientists and communication experts form Austria, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Croatia, France, Ireland, Portugal, Russia took part at the conference. The Round table “Public Relations and Journalism: battle for democracy?”, doctoral students and graduates demonstrated
Multimedia products on the topic of Democratic Citizenship throw education.

In November the Chair,s anniversary will continue during the University days of St. Kliment Ohridski under the motto « PR is the strategy of confidance through communication », words of Alain Modoux.

Prof. Dr. Minka Zlateva
Chair Holder
Faculty of Journalism and Mass Communication
University of Sofia

Edited by Prof. Orlin Spassov Ph. D., Sofia: Southeast European Media Centre (SOEMZ), European University Viadrina, Frankfurt (Oder), and St. Kliment Ohridski University of Sofia,
Quality Press in Southeast Europe (2004)

Sonya Alexieva, Ph.D,
Public Relations in Heritage Tourism (2004)

Theories of Mass Communication (2004)

SUMMARY (August 2004)

The last 6 months were a period of intensive work for the lecturers of UNESCO Chair “Communication and public relations” at the Faculty of Journalism and Mass Communication of Sofia University “St. Kl. Ohridski”.

The main accent of our efforts was the recommendation of UNO document “ “Sport for Development and Peace: Towards Achieving the Millennium Development Goals” (2003) to find innovative ways to use sport for communication and social mobilization. We organized the 7th International Scientific conference “Communication, Sport and Culture: Media, Public Relations and Advertising”, dedicated to the Olympic games 2004 in Athens, with more than 130 participants from 5 Bulgarian universities, the Bulgarian Academy of Sports, Bulgarian Academy of Science and representatives of 5 European countries: Greece, Russia, Finland, Macedonia and Albania. The ambassador of Greece and the vice-rector of Sofia University personally visited the opening of the conference. The Minister of sport and youth of Bulgaria and the Minister of Macedonia and Thrace sent letters with greetings.

Because of the will of the students we made a special students’ workshop where Assist. Prof. Ivo Piperkov combined 20 multimedia presentations of the students about the history, development and problems of the Olympic games in 75 minutes presentation.

The second accent of our work was the European integration. We published the book collection “European Integration and Intercultural Communication” with the kindly support of Kozloduy nuclear power plant and organized two promotions of the book – one at the University of Sofia and another – at the Union of the Bulgarian journalists. The information and the reviews about the book were published in the press (magazine “Media world”, “Wirtschaftsblatt”, “City market”, “Sofia University”, “Culture” and others). The book was also presented on the television “Seven days”.

The year 2005 is very important for our Chair. We shall celebrate the 10th year anniversary of the first PR expert graduates (started at the academic year 1994/1995) at the faculty and of the establishing of the Chair (1995). They were a result of the UNESCO project “Public relations for democracy”.

The main accent in our work for the next period will be the social change and public relations. We will organize on the 20th and the 21st of May 2005 the 8th international scientific conference “Public Communication and Globalization: Education in the Values of Democracy” and we hope to be supported by UNESCO in order to make this forum a great regional event in public communication and Eastern and Central Europe.

21-22 May 2004 Sofia, Bulgaria

PROGRAM of development of UNESCO Chair “Communication and Public Relations“
at Faculty of Journalism and Mass Communication of Sofia University
(May 2003 – May 2007)

The strategy of the UNESCO Chair “Communication and Public Relations” follows the main guidelines of its development in 2003–2004.

I. Curricula development and academic studies

The main contribution of the UNESCO chair has to meet various emerging needs:

– to update the academic standards of university program and teaching in Communication and Public Relations according to the emerging trends in modern university education;

– to share professional and academic experience with the UNESCO chairs in Communication with special reference to social and cultural developments in a globalizing world;

– to further the networking process of academic, professional, and decision making bodies in Bulgaria, and the South-Eastern Europe region;

– to boost expert and cultural development of the future journalists, PR- experts and book publishers as to cope with the emerging risks and challenges of the Digital Divide in the modern world.

To accomplish that goals:

1. The UNESCO Chair will play an active role in the process of improving of curricula, adopting the European credit-transfer system, broadening the election subjects in curricula, involving multimedia and other new information technologies, publishing new international conference reports and monographs in communication studies.

2. The UNESCO Chair will make use of its broad international contacts and ORBICOM net for exchange of experience and documentation at the level of European standards for higher education.

3. The UNESCO Chair will carry out studies on academic issues and attitudes of former students in Public Relations at the University of Sofia, 1994-2004.

4. In study year 2004/2005 we shall organize a celebration of 10 years of UNESCO Chair “Communication and Public Relations”, analyze its results and its future development.

II. Academic research

The strategic topics of our scientific activity are the following:

– Communication, Public Relations and social change;

– Communication and new information technologies;

– Intercultural communication and PR in the EU-integration process;

– Communication and PR development in South-Eastern Europe;

To realize its goals in communication science the UNESCO Chair “Communication and Public Relations “ shall work in next directions:

1.To continue with organizing of international scientific conferences in May every year.
The 7th International conference will take place in Sofia in 21 and 22 of May 2004 on the topic “Communication, sport and culture : Media and Public Relations ” in the connection with Olympic games 2004 in Athens.

2. To stimulate the research of chair’s members with presentation of theirs monographs, continue of publishing the materials of our international conferences in summaries, making reviews of them in scientific press.

3. To take special attention of doctoral students with

– presentations of basic goals of theirs dissertations in chair’s meetings;
– their participation in the international scientific conferences of the chair;
– publish their papers in Yearbooks of Faculty of Journalism and Mass Communication and conference’s summaries;
– organizing of their participation in the study process with the students.

4. To continue the productive cooperation with Bulgarian PR Society with visiting of society’s member in study process and participating of Bulgarian Public Relation Society members in our international scientific conferences.

III. For International Co-operation

Our mean goals will be to continue the good international relations and to make new contacts with colleagues in the Balkan, in Central and Eastern Europe, with global network ORBICOM. For realization of these goals:

1.The chair will continue the fruitful co-operation with the Division of Higher Education of UNESCO, with ORBICOM, with National UNESCO commission.

2. The chair will continue its work in European project to make multilinquistic “European Body of Knowledge in PR”.

3. The chair will continue its very good connections with Austrian Science and Research Liaison – office Sofia, Friedrich Ebert Foundation – office Sofia, British Council, Deutsche Akademische Austauschdienst (DAAD).

4. The UNESCO chair shall enlarge its very good co-operation and Socrates / Erasmus exchange in study years 2003/2004, 2004/2005, 2005/2006 with the University of Leipzig (Germany) and University of Yvaskyla (Finland).

5. We will enlarge co-operation with University of Vienna with Socrates / Erasmus exchange in study years 2004/2005 and 2005/2006 and building of Communication Center Sofia-Vienna together with Bulgarian research institute in Austria and “ Friends of Haus-Wittgenstein Society” in Vienna.

6. To develop our good co-operation with Universities in Sanct –Petersburg (Russia), “Johann Gutenberg”in Mainz (Germany) , Free University in Berlin (Germany), Higher School of TV and Cinema in Munich(Germany), University of Zagreb (Hrvatska), University of Vilnius(Lithaunia), University of Tartu (Estonia ), University of Ljubljana (Slovenija), University of Bucarest (Romaina), University of Belgrade( Serbia and Montenegro), University of Skopje (Macedonia), University of Thessaloniki (Greece).

7. To arrange connections with other universities as Universidad Cardenal Herrera in Valencia –Spain, University of Warsaw, Charls Universiy in Prague, Jagelonian University in Krakov etc.

This programme was adopted on the meeting of UNESCO Chair “Communication and Public Relations” on 2.06.2003 in Sofia.

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