Digital Review of Asia Pacific 2005-2006


The completely updated edition of the Digital Review of Asia Pacific contains authoritative reports on how 29 economies are using ICT in business, government and civil society written by senior authors who live and work in the region. Included are three subregional chapters on the Pacific Island States, ASEAN and APEC. Also included four thematic chapters on various facets of the information society:

• Building information societies: Bridging the digital divide in Asia Pacific
• Internet governance: Urgent issues for Asia Pacific
• Social, political and cultural aspects of ICT: E-governance, popular participation and international politics
• Appropriate ICT for Asia Pacific: Opting for open source, localisation, internationalisation and free access

The reviews of individual economies cover the following aspects of the ICT sector:

• Local online content
• Online services
• Industries
• Key national initiatives
• Enabling policies
• Regulatory environment
• Open source software
• Research and development
• Trends

The new edition includes data from the Digital Divide Index.
A free CD-ROM containing an electronic version of the 2003/2004 edition is included in this publication.

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