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Anna Agustina is a senior lecturer in the Faculty of Communication, Universitas Pancasila, Jakarta, Indonesia. At present time, she holds the position as Coordinator of the UNESCO Chair in Communication and Sustainable Development (COSDEV), and member of the UNESCO UNITWIN Orbicom Network, for Indonesia since 2017.

Her communication and Public Relation skill, leadership and management skill, also her outreach and advocacy skill support her success in maintaining the existence of the Faculty and the Chair. She was establishing the faculty in 2007 and sustain the good image of the faculty up to present time. The faculty accreditation status is A, for the second time, based on Indonesian Accreditation Body for Higher Education Assessment. She is now, the Dean of the Faculty of Communication Universitas Pancasila Jakarta since 2019.

Her field of study is journalism, media studies, Communication, and environmental communication more on the perspective of sustainable development. BA in media and journalism in 1996, Master in journalism and strategic communication management in 2003, both from Universitas Indonesia, then Ph.D. in journalism and environmental communication from Universiti Sains Malaysia in 2018. Her publications and studies are in line with her educational background with interest in sustainable development. Poverty alleviation in Brebes district, Environmental communication in Indonesian’s TVs, and she change of media business model are amongst her publications. In addition to her academic studies, her professional experiences as journalist, and public relation elevated her professionalism as communication expert, outreach, advocacy, and training specialist for several projects in Indonesia since 1996 up to present time. The projects were Energy Training Program, IIE-ERAG (Electricity and Restructuring Activities Group), Sustainable Environmental Assessment on Indonesian Spatial Policy, and Indonesian Qualification Framework initiative among others. The projects sponsored by international donors such as USAID, IFACS, DANIDA, and AUSAID.

More on her publications that could be found in google scholars are: Social Media Message Writing Styles of Digitalized Small Enterprises in Indonesia During The Covid-19 Pandemic (2021), The Reception and Information Processes Adopted to Address The Covid-19 Pandemic as Small Businesses in Indonesia (2021), Factors affecting effective online presentations as Perceived by undergraduate and graduate students in Indonesia (2021), Environmental Communication in Indonesian Television News Coverage (2020), Media Use and Gratification sought by the public during the coronavirus outbreak in Indonesia: A national survey (2020),  Examining Corporate Engagement in Social Media: Advancing The Use of Facebook for Corporation Page (2020), and Customer style inventory, the usage of Facebook, and purchase intention: are they connected? (2019).

Report of the UNESCO Chair in Communication and Sustainable Development (COSDEV), 2020-2022

(Ver. 01-2023)


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