Al Khaledi, Khazim Salem

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Media Tasks and Leading Jobs

  • News Editor .
  • Assistant Editor in Charge. Jordanian Armed Forces / Military Magazine.
  • Responsible Editor, Jordanian Armed Forces / Military Journal.
  • Head of Studies and Research Department, Jordanian Armed Forces.
  • Head of the Department of Studies and Psychological War. Jordanian Armed Forces.
  • Editor and TV presenter. Armed Forces + Jordan Television.
  • Director of Radio Armed Forces / Jordanian Armed Forces.
  • Founder and presenter of radio programs.
  • Media Officer / United Nations.
  • Participated in the preparation of the plans of the program of information and public relations in the (Emirates College) and (Gulf University) and prepared and the presenter of the program (media) academic at Al Khwarizmi International College in 2014 and its director for a year and a half.

Courses  Taught

  • Introduction to public relations
  • Production of PR materials
  • Public relations and applications in modern institutions / Master program2012-2011
  • Public relations and social networks
  • Graduation Project (Public Relations)
  • Communication theories
  • Writing PR
  • Writing and editing the newspaper
  • Applications in the press
  • Advertising and its applications
  • Advertising and public opinion
  • Use of graphic design and multimedia in / Master 2013
  • Radio and television news
  • Writing for radio and television
  • Media editing
  • Preparation of radio and television programs
  • Prepare and train reporters, prepare TV reports and program providers
  • Documentary film
  • Introduction to digital media
  • Professional writing in Arabic
  • Media Research Methods
  • Ethics and media legislation
  • Communicating rhetorical
  • Media in the UAE
  • Press release

Curriculum vitae

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