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Fawzi Baroud is the UNESCO chair on Open Educational Resources and the Assistant Vice President for Information Technology at Notre Dame University – Lebanon. He has campus wide responsibility for the information technology environment and the University eLearning center, leading and working with a broad range of University constituents in the ongoing planning and implementation of information technologies that support the NDU’s mission.

Dr. Baroud has more than 30 years of IT experience in higher education, and as a researcher, Dr. Baroud has published a number of studies on eLearning and ICT use in education, participated in conferences, coauthored the informatics national curriculum for Lebanon, and offered consultancy to academic institutions. His research centers on the use, integration and evaluation of Information and Communication Technologies and eLearning implementation in higher educational contexts.

As champion of open education on campus, Dr. Baroud has made the integration of Open Educational Resources (OER) a key strategic goal of the University. Under his watch, NDU became an institutional affiliate of Creative Commons, and he is currently in the process of formulating policies for the successful use of OER in teaching and learning. He conducts seminars and hands-on workshops on open education and open licensing at leading Lebanese higher education institutions and has become a reference point on the subject.

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