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Calvosa, Chiara

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Professional Experience

Jan. 2010 to Present: United Nations International Fund Agricultural Development, Italy and field missions:

  • Economist with the Technical Advisory and Policy Division Economic and financial review of project proposals submitted to the Fund by government members and other UN agencies.
  • Project Management of participatory research systems in Sub-Saharan Africa.
  • Responsible for the communication strategy for agricultural research grants (final assessment of completion report and technical advisory notes).
  • Project design to mainstream gender in agricultural development projects.
  • Production of thematic papers, technical advisory notes and case studies related to agricultural development initiatives, with a special focus on the most marginalised rural areas.
  • Design and co-management of a project on Market Information System for roots&tubers market development in rural areas.
  • Economic and financial analysis and technical feasilibity of pilot investment projects for bio-energy production.
  • Assessment and documentation of project activities at local level so as to promote upscaling and outscaling within IFAD-investment projects.

March 2009: International Land Coalition and IFAD, Italy.

12/2009: Associate porject manager with the joint programme IFAD/East Africa Division and ILC Contribution to project design with reference to value chain development, land tenure and food security related activities in Tanzania and Mozambique:

  • Direct supervision of development programmes in Tanzania.
  • Preparation of country briefs for Tanzania and Mozambique.
  • Assessment, documentation and dissemination of project results achieved in the country.
  • Contribution to the management and updating of the regional electronic networks of West and Central Africa, East and South Africa, Asia and Pacific and Near East and North Africa with reference to grants’ results.

Aug. 2007 to Dec. 2008: United Nations International Fund Agricultural Development, Italy:

  • Economist, with the Western and Central Africa Division Financial analysis and technical assessment of agricultural development projects in Nigeria and Ghana.
  • Contribution to the study on the effects of climate change on small holder farmers in Africa in collaboration with OECD.
  • Coordination of electronic surveys at regional level on existing challenges in rural development.
  • Organisation and co-management of the First Regional Forum to promote Innovations, Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso.
  • Direct supervision of development programmes in Senegal, Burkina Faso and Nigeria.
  • Co-supervision of the regional initiative to identify, scout and share innovative practices in Western and Central Africa.
  • Development of mechanism to systematically identify, document and share innovative practices and technology in West and Central Africa.

Nov. 2006 to July 2007: United Nations International Fund Agricultural Development, Italy:

  • Communication for development consultant with the Technical Advisory Division.
  • Technical review of small grants proposal submitted to the Fund.
  • Design and implementation of a corporate strategy for the communication of results related to all IFAD research activities.
  • Production of Learning Notes for the internal review of IFAD investment programmes with the aim of identifying the key issues to reduce farmers’ vulnerability (with a special focus on rural finance and integrated livestock and farming system).
  • Assessment of project activities and production of country case studies on IFAD-supported activities in the domain of food security and natural resource management.

May 2006 to Oct. 2006: United Nations International Fund Agricultural Development, Italy:

  • Intern with the Technical Advisory Division.
  • Desk review of all research programmes financed by the Fund from 1995 to 2005 with a special focus on food security and value chain, livestock system and capacity building.
  • Design of a database and elaboration of a set of criteria to analyse and systematize IFAD-supported initiatives and innovations all over the world.
  • Contribution to the IFAD initiative to assess, document and uptake innovations in IFAD supported project.

July 2005 to Sept. 2005: European Space Agency, Paris, France:

  • Intern with the Legal Department.
  • Comparative analysis of procurement procedures among European Space Agency, European Union and World Trade Organisation.
  • Analysis of e-procurement and green procurement.

2007: Universities lectures at Bocconi and Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, Italy:

  • Lectures on the following topics have been given.
  • Participatory research methodologies.
  • Community-based dissemination systems and innovative approaches on the communication of research results.
  • Intercultural communication systems.

2002 to 2005: Luigi Bocconi Business University, Milan, Italy:

  • Part-time work.
  • Data entry and administrative work;.
  • Assistance to the organisation of workshops and seminars.
  • Member of “University Guidance Team” for new students.

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