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Gilbert, John A.

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John Gilbert established a consultancy in 1991 following almost thirty-five years as an official with the Canadian Government in telecommunications and related areas.  As a government executive his main areas of responsibility were telecommunications and spectrum policy, in both the domestic and international arenas.  He was the Executive Secretary of the 1983-85 Independent Commission on World-Wide Telecommunication Development (Maitland Commission).

As an independent consultant from 1991-2007 his assignments were in the telecommunications and ICT sector.  He worked on studies for international organizations such as UNESCO and the ITU, and on national telecommunications strategies for several countries including Canada.  Malta and The Philippines.  Based in Ottawa, he specialized in work relating to developing countries and transitional economies.  These activities involved project management, training and education, research, studies and reports and the provision of high-level strategic and managerial advice.  Contacts were at the highest levels in government, the private sector and international agencies.  For many years he has maintained an active interest in the programs of UNESCO and served on one of the sectoral commissions of the Canadian Commission for UNESCO.

John is now retired but maintains a wide circle of professional colleagues and friends.  He is Vice President of the Canadian Nordic Society and Vice President of The Arctic Circle.  He is involved in projects to record the history of the Radio Division of the Dept of Transport (and its successors), Radio Regulation in Canada and the history of the Joint Arctic Weather Stations (1947-72).  In his retirement he has published numerous articles, the latest being “A History of Radio College of Canada” and “Wireless on the St Roch”.

Specialties: I continue to follow my fields of specialization.  No longer seeking consulting opportunities for myself, I draw from my network of outstanding colleagues to recommend others for such opportunities.

My historical research, over the past twenty years, has allowed me to develop new skills in collecting, organizing and indexing digital collections.  One such collection is the Joint Arctic Weather Stations Fonds, Nunavut Archives’ first digital collection.  I continue to write on an eclectic range of subjects mostly connected in some way with radiocommunications or the Canadian Arctic.

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