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Kawasumi, Yasuhiko

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Special Advisor at the ITU Association of Japan since 2008 with the objective of telecommunications development for developing countries.

His experiences cover the work for the construction of Transpacific Submarine Cable No.1, the maintenance and operation of submarine cable systems and Intelsat satellite systems at the international gateway station of the company, engineering of network management systems, telephone traffic management.

He has stationed in Geneva from 1972-1976 as the company’s representative. He attended ITU’s various meetings and conferences such as CCITT, CCIR plenary assembly meetings, World Administrative Radio Conference(WARC), and Plenipotentiary Conferences(Nice, Minneapolis and Marrakech) as a member of Japanese delegation. He has contributed to the standardization of G3 facsimile machine in CCITT in late 1970s. He has participated in Maitland Commission meetings in Bali (Indonesia) and Arusha(Tanzania) in 1984 and the Board meetings of Center for Telecommunication Development of ITU as expert.

After taking the position of director of the international affairs department of KDD, he has experienced the posts of secretary general of ITU Association of Japan, Executive Vice President of Kokusai Telecommunication Installation Co. and Secretary General of International Communication Foundation.

He moved to Japan Telecom Co., Ltd. in 1997. He was appointed as rapporteur of Focus Group on topic 7 «New technology for rural applications» of ITU’s development Study Group in 1999 and submitted the report on rural communication technologies to the Study Group 2 of ITU-D.

He is now taking the role of rapporteur for rural communications of ITU-D SG2 since 2002. He has been Professor for Department of Emergency and Critical Care Medicine in Nakajima Laboratory of Tokai University, Isehara, Kanagawa Prefecture Japan, for 2002-2005.

He has started his business carrier at the Japanese overseas telecommunication operator KDD in 1961 after graduated from Electrical Engineering Faculty of KEIO University in Tokyo.

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