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Lee, Paul S.N.

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Encyclopedia Entries

  • Lee, P. (2014).  Mass Media and Quality of Life. In A. Michalos (Ed.). Encyclopedia of quality of life and well-being research (pp. 3846-3855). Dordrecht: Springer.
  • Lee, P. (2014).  Television and Quality of Life. In A. Michalos (Ed.). Encyclopedia of quality of life and well-being research (pp. 6600-6607). Dordrecht: Springer.

Journal Articles

  • Lee, P., So, C., Lee, F., Leung, L., Chan, M. (2018). Social Media and Political Partisanship – A Subaltern Public Sphere’s Role in Democracy, Telematics and Informatics, 35(7), 1949-1957.
  • Pavlik, J., & Lee, P. (2018). Academic dialogue: The impact of new media on journalism. Communication & Society, 46, 1–13. (In Chinese)
  • Lee, P., So, C., Leung, L., Lee, F., Chan, M. (2017). Struggle for hegemony: The emergence of a counterpublic sphere in post-97 Hong Kong. Chinese Journal of Communication, 10(4), 338-359.
  • Lee, F., Lee, P., So, C., Leung, L., & Chan, M. (2017). Conditional impact of Facebook as an information source on political opinions: The case of political reform in Hong Kong. Asian Journal of Political Science, 25(3),365-382.
  • Lee, P. (2016). The rise of China and its contest for discursive power. Global Media and China, 1(1). DOI: 10.1177/2059436416650549
  • Lee, P., So, C., & Leung, L. (2015). Social media and umbrella movement: Insurgent public sphere in formation. Chinese Journal of Communication 8(3), 356-375.
  • Etc.

Book Chapters (*Refereed)

  • Lee, P. (2018). Communication, participation and socio-cultural integration. In P. Donati (Ed.). Towards a participatory society: New roads to social and cultural integration (pp. 530-541). Vatican City: The Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences.
  • *Lee, P. (2017). Chinese traditional culture and soft power. In B. Shan and Y.X. Liu (Eds.). National images and intercultural communication (pp. 68-82). Beijing: Social Science Academic Press. (In Chinese)
  • Lee, P. (2016) Toward a model for China’s strategies for external image and soft power. In K. Zhang (Ed.). Chinese communication and China image (pp. 17-23). Wuhan: Huazhong University of Science and Technology Press. (In Chinese).
  • Lee, P. (2015). Social and media changes under one country two systems. In P. Lee (Ed.). Hong Kong media in the new millennium, 2nd Edition, (pp. 3-23). Hong Kong: The Chinese University Press. (In Chinese).

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1996-1997 – Member, Editorial Board, « Asia-Pacific Media Educator »

1996-1997 – Member, Editorial Board, « Chinese Journal of Communication »

1990-1992 – Member, « The Broadcasting Authority of Hong Kong », Hong Kong Government

1990-1993 – Member, the Research Sub-Committee of the « Independent Commission Against Corruption », Hong Kong Governement

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