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Luo, Eileen

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Secretary-general, MLeague (International League of Higher Education in Media and Communication); executive dean of the MLeague International Faculty of CUC; Deputy Director of the International Office of Communication University of China (China); Associated Professor, PhD Supervisor in International Communication Studies Center, CUC. Nominated as visiting professor by serials distinguished academic institutes since 2003, such COMUNDUS-Erasmus Master, EU, Olympic Studies Center of International Olympic Committee(OSC-IOC) , European Audiovisual Observatory-Council of Europe, communication college of Università della Svizzera italiana. Worked as the initiator and the coordinator of the international research project commissioned by OSC-IOC, cooperative with 13 universities worldwide, Luo indulged two years into the tough but ambiguous study with the accomplishment of the publication-”Encoding the Olympics: Beijing Olympics and its Communication Impact”, by Routledge Press. Encoding was evaluated as one the pioneer book in communication in Olympics by IOC and the founding editor of IJHS (International Journal in the History of Sport).

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