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Mr. Prof. Shahin Mammadrzali is Ph.D. in law with activities of research in these areas: international law, human rights, information law.

Since Sept. 2015, he is the Head of Office and mediator at Baku Mediation Organization No. 1 and also lecturer at the UNESCO Chair on Human Rights and Information Law / Law Faculty of Baku State University (BSU Law Faculty).

He has written and collaborated in the writing of the following books and articles, particularly in the field of the right to information and the media:

Books / Book chapters

  • Information law. Coursebook. Co-authors: Amir Aliyev, Gulnaz Rzayeva, Aytekin Ibrahimova, Bahruz Maharramov. Azerbaijan, Baku, “Nurlar” Publishing House. 2019, 448 p.;
  • Human rights, information and copyright: mutual legal interrelations. Co-authors: Amir Aliyev, Gulu Novruzov, Gulnaz Rzayeva, Azer Safarov. Azerbaijan, Baku, “Nurlar” Publishing House.  2021, 168 p.;
  • The CoE contribution to the implementation of universal dimensions on freedom of information and media rights into the domestic law of Azerbaijan. (co-author: Amir Aliyev) Chapter III of the monograph “Human security in the context of globalization: modern legal paradigm” / Under the general editorship Irina Sopilko / Slovak Republic, Podnaijka: Vychodo Europska Agentura pre rozvoj, n.o. Eastern European development n.o. – 2017. –278 p.  pp.78-95;

Some examples of scientific articles in English, Russian and Azerbaijani (overall more than 25):

  • Impact of Azerbaijan-Council of Europe relations to the domestic law on right to information // European reforms bulletin, – 2015, № 4, – pp.121-125;
  • Some remarks on international human rights instruments regulating access to digital information and data protection as the subject matter of information law field // “İnsan hüquqları və informasiya hüququ” elmi məqalələr toplusu, – 2018, №1(1), – s. 150-168;
  • Copyright as a right of information character: no need for Thor or Ragnarok // “Beynəlxalq hüquq və inteqrasiya problemləri” jurnalı, – 2019, № 3 (58), – s. 21-33;
  • Unchained freedom in cyberspace: a new danger for children’s rights // Law Review of Kyiv University of Law, – 2020, № 2020/1, – pp. 391-395;
  • “Infinity war” for digital human rights: Artificial Intelligence as Thanos // Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Control and Optimization with Industrial Applications, – 26-28 August – Azerbaijan, Baku, BSU Institue of Applied Mathematics: 2020, Volume 2, – pp. 260-263;
  • Information as a Hulk: replacing Black Widow with information legislation // Revista Institutului National al Justititei, – 2020, № 3 (54), – pp. 54-60;
  • Captain America protecting digital rights: “old school” national law vs. emerging internet complexities in Azerbaijan // 8th International Conference of PhD students and young researchers “The Future Decade of EU Law”, – May 8-9 – Lithuania, Vilnius, Vilnius University: 2020, – pp. 132-146;
  • Тесные взаимоотношения между авторскими и информационными правами в сфере цифровых технологий: движение в сторону нового правового дуализма // Труды по интеллектуальной собственности, – 2021, № 1-2, Том XXXVII, – c. 213-234.

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