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Onno W. , Purbo

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Published a total of 9 papers in international journals and more than 19 papers in international conferences. A total of more than 120 publications.

In 1992, listed in a book « American men and women of science ». In 1996, winning the « Adhicipta Rekayasa » Award from the Association of Indonesian Engineer. In 1997, receiving the «ASEAN Outstanding Engineering Achievement Award» from ASEAN Federation of Engineering Organization (AFEO).

Currently active as:
· Staff member at Electrical Engineering Department ITB.
· Active at Inter University Center on Microelectronics ITB, at Computer Network Research Group as well as at Microelectronics Processing & Devices Research Group.
· Serving as network coordinator in several netwoking activities.
· Member of several task forces within Institute of Technology Bandung (ITB).
· Consultant for the development of information system in several ministries as well as in several industries / commercial institutions.
· Member of several national steering commitee / task force, such as, NUSANTARA-21 Indonesian Information Infrastructure& Academic Information Infrastructure.
· Member of expert groups at regional level:
à South East Asia Ministry of Education Organization (SEAMEO): for the development information network for higher education in SEA countries.
à United Nation (UN) Economic and Social Commission for Asia and The Pacific (ESCAP): Reviewing Computerization Development in the Public Sector.
à Asia Internet Interconnection Initiative (AI3) – Member Board of Director.

Currently working on building a community based VoIP Telecom Infrastructure to bypass high tariff Telco Infrastructure in Indonesia.

Research interest mainly in developing packet radio technology especially for Internet or TCP/IP computer network, as well as in Integrtated Circuit technology and microelectronics.

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