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Purbo, Onno W.

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Onno W. Purbo holds a Ph.D in Electrical Engineering from University of Waterloo, Canada, is a copy left, educator and ICT evangelist. He has published 40+ books, including free ICT ebook for high school in 2008. The latest books in 2016 entitled, « Perjuangan Menyebarkan Internet » (Struggle in Deploying Internet) and « Buku Pegangan Internet untuk Desa » (Internet Handbook for Villages). He led the first Internet connection at ITB and use it to build the first education network. He liberates WiFi frequency, and introduces neighborhood network, wajanbolic antenna and OpenBTS cellular network. He led the first community telephony network over Internet, VoIP Merdeka, later known as VoIP rakyat and uses +62520 and +62521 area code. He currently actives in introducing e-learning, run the largest free e-learning servers with 19,000+ participants.

Published a total of 9 papers in international journals and more than 19 papers in international conferences. A total of more than 120 publications.

In 1992, listed in a book « American men and women of science ». In 1996, winning the « Adhicipta Rekayasa » Award from the Association of Indonesian Engineer. In 1997, receiving the «ASEAN Outstanding Engineering Achievement Award» from ASEAN Federation of Engineering Organization (AFEO).

Currently active as:
· Staff member at Electrical Engineering Department ITB.
· Active at Inter University Center on Microelectronics ITB, at Computer Network Research Group as well as at Microelectronics Processing & Devices Research Group.
· Serving as network coordinator in several netwoking activities.
· Member of several task forces within Institute of Technology Bandung (ITB).
· Consultant for the development of information system in several ministries as well as in several industries / commercial institutions.
· Member of several national steering commitee / task force, such as, NUSANTARA-21 Indonesian Information Infrastructure& Academic Information Infrastructure.
· Member of expert groups at regional level:
à South East Asia Ministry of Education Organization (SEAMEO): for the development information network for higher education in SEA countries.
à United Nation (UN) Economic and Social Commission for Asia and The Pacific (ESCAP): Reviewing Computerization Development in the Public Sector.
à Asia Internet Interconnection Initiative (AI3) – Member Board of Director.

Currently working on building a community based VoIP Telecom Infrastructure to bypass high tariff Telco Infrastructure in Indonesia.

Research interest mainly in developing packet radio technology especially for Internet or TCP/IP computer network, as well as in Integrtated Circuit technology and microelectronics.

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