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I have worked as a university professor since 2002. I started teaching with MA and in 2008 I earned a Ph.D.; I worked as program leader in KIC from Sept. 2019 – June 2021.

I worked in a number of Sudanese universities and a number of colleges within the UAE. My philosophy in education focuses on applied aspects in the field of media. I have a high ability to active students inside the classroom and use different teaching methods. I am convinced that education is interactive and depends on the teacher and the student alike.

Creating a podcast, Department of Media, Al-Khwarizmi International College, the first creative educational training podcast

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I strive to keep abreast of modern technological developments in the field of media by reading, browsing and watching, especially the digital and new media. In addition, I oversee the practice and supervision of students training, field students and graduation projects by producing media campaigns that keep pace with the labor market in the media.

I have an academic and professional experience in the fields of media writing, writing for digital platforms, news editing, photography and montage. In addition to vigorous research trends in the direction of digital media and television, the effects of new media on society and trends of media research in the Arab world. I also act as an external reviewer in different academic journals. I act as a Coordinator of the Arab Association for Communication Sciences and Scientific Research. I have significant involvement in college service and community service.

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