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Stone, Martha B.

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August 1996-Present, Senior Partner, MOENSTON Associates, specializing in Information Policy; Information Resource Management; Information and Communication Technologies; and evaluation and impact assessment.

1995 – 1996, Senior Advisor to the President of IDRC on information and communication sciences

1992 – 1995, Director General, Information Sciences and Systems Division, IDRC

1983-92 Director, Information Sciences Division, IDRC

1980-83 Associate Director and Acting Centre Librarian, Information Sciences Division, IDRC

1973-80 Departmental Librarian, Departmental Library Health and Welfare Canada

1995-98 Member of FID Council 1995-98
1992 Chairman, Advise Group on Membership Restructuring, FID
1991 Member of Governing Board, C.A.B. International,
1988 Member of Board of Directors, Data for Development,
1987-90 Member of Executive, IAALD, Former member of the Executive Committee of the Canadian Council of Federal Libraries

Former Chairman of the Integrated Library Systems Standing Committee, Council of Federal Libraries

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