Unwin, Tim

  • 1698

About / À propos

  • Chairholder, UNESCO Chair in ICT4D (https://ict4d.org.uk)
  • Emeritus Professor of Geography, Royal Holloway, University of London
  • Honorary Professor, Lanzhou University
  • Co-Founder TEQtogether (https://teqtogether.org)
  • Chair of the Advisory Board of the UNU Institute in Macau
  • Latest Book: Unwin, T. (2017) Reclaiming Information and Communication Technologies for Development, Oxford: OUP
  • Latest Report: DFID and World Bank (2020) report on Education for the most marginalized post-COVID-19, see https://ict4d.org.uk/technology-and-education-post-covid-19/

(Ver. 11-2021)

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