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Vallerand, Charles

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À propos / About

More than 25 years of domestic and international experience in managing issues at a corporate level for national public institutions, primarily in the cultural sector. Over the past ten years, I have held positions with increasing responsibilities in team and project management. There is nothing I enjoy most than assisting groups manage change either as a facilitor, moderator, trainer or guest speaker. I have been given many opportunities to provide such service in the past five years as Executive Director of the Canadian Coalition for Cultural Diversity and General Secretary of the International Federation for Cultural Diversity.

Given my astute political sense and creativity, I assist the organization in positioning itself. I bring clarity and focus where there is complexity. I am known to be determined, centred on problem solving and on achieving results. I excel at getting things organized, prove capable of doing more with less and at mobilizing stakeholders and resources.

Several career changes have sharpened my ability to adapt. A seasoned communicator, fluently bilingual, very much at ease in a context of intercultural relations, I tend to identify strongly with the organization’s mandate. I often become one of its most outspoken representatives, both with peers and partners. Values of service and commitment are important to me.

Areas of strengths:

  • Strategic communications / advocacy
  • Change management : capacity building / trainer / moderator / facilitator
  • Content and events producer
  • Public and government relations
  • International diplomacy and cooperation
  • Multilateral relations
  • Strategic planning and research
  • Policy review and development
  • Project development / funding / management
  • Public service and civil society organizations

CV of Mr. C. Vallerand

Nouvelle secrétaire générale de la FICDC: Mme Nathalie Guay

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