Statistical Compilation of the ICT Sector and Policy Analysis


As part of the capacity-building contribution of the project, and in the spirit of the communication-for-development approach, Orbicom is pleased to release the results of the project. This Orbicom project pushes the frontiers of research in the area of ICT-for-development.

It extends beyond telecommunications and integrates thematically multiple aspects of ICTs conducive to policy formulation, implementation and monitoring. The project represents a unique collaboration between prominent researchers and statistical offices, and takes place in five countries: India and Malaysia from Asia, Brazil from Latin America, and Cameroon and Egypt from Africa. This achievement has been made possible through a long process of cooperation between researchers.

Version PDF du rapport de synthèse
Version PDF du rapport final :Brazil
Version PDF du rapport final :Cameroun
Version PDF du rapport final : Egypt
Version PDF du rapport final : India
Version PDF du rapport final : Malaysia


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