Argentina, Villa María

UNESCO Chair in Public Communication for Social Justice, Human Rights and Territorial Development


Description and Mandate of the Chair

The UNESCO Chair in Public Communication for Social Justice, Human Rights and Territorial Development proposes a space for teaching, research and transfer of knowledge and experiences in public and private spheres, civil society, universities and other educational organizations, with local, regional and international impact.

Based on five programs: teaching, research, University extension, international cooperation and communication literacy, the Chair integrates training activities, data analysis and inter-institutional and international cooperation in the field of public communication. It incorporates state and non-state modalities, from an inclusive and comprehensive perspective, prioritizing the human rights of historically vulnerable sectors, thus hoping to contribute to territorial development with social justice.

Activities are planned according to the needs of the participating institutions, such as specific workshops, transfer of knowledge and technology, diffusion of publications, field work and consulting. The National University of Villa María will issue the certifications with the endorsement of Orbicom / UNESCO.

Team of the Chair / Chair Members…

  • Host: National University of Villa María (UNVM): Professor Dr. Carla Avendaño , Professor Dr. Claudia Ardini, Professor Dr. Aimé Aminahuel

National partner:

  • Universidad Nacional de Avellaneda (National University of Avellaneda – UNDAV): Professor Dr. Cynthia Ottaviano

International network:

  • Universidad Nacional de Hidalgo (México): Professor Dr. Josefina Hernández Téllez
  • Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana, Unidad Xochimilco, Dep. de Educación y – Comunicación (México): Professor Mgter. Beatriz Solis Leree
  • Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana, sede Bucaramanga (Colombia): Professor Mgter. Alfredo Álvarez Orozco
  • Universidad de Brasilia (Brasil): Professor Dr. Fernando Oliveira Paulino

Associate member: Professor Dr. María del Carmen Rico Menge de Sotelo

(UNESCO No. 2023AR1633)
(Ver. 07-2023)

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