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UNESCO Chair on Human Rights and Information Law


Description and Mandate of the Chair

Human rights and information law

The Constitution of the independent Republic of Azerbaijan, adopted by the referendum on November 12, 1995, embodies the desire of the people to live in a civilized and legal state, based on the norms of international law and democratic principles, which are valued by the world community.

The UNESCO chair was established in 2013. At the initial stage of its establishment, the name of the department was “Human rights”. Then the UNESCO chair Created in 1992 by Based on the UNITWIN / UNESCO Chairs Program Between Baku State University and UNESCO re-established by the Agreement signed in 2015 and “Human Rights and Information law “was renamed the UNESCO Chair.

In general, the protection of human dignity is carried out by government agencies belonging to all three branches of government. Although the law enforcement agencies carry out this work in the general plan, the Ombudsman, the State Committee for Family, Women and Children Affairs, etc. perform special functions in this direction. Along with governmental agencies, civil society organizations and educational institutions bear a serious burden in the protection of human dignity. In this sense, teaching and research on the protection of human dignity at the Faculty of Law of BSU play a key role in the reforms carried out at all levels of education. In particular, the study on the place of human dignity in the human rights system is important within the UNESCO Chair on Human Rights and Information Law.

The main research areas of the Chair:

  • Human rights
  • Information Law
  • Cybersecurity Law
  • Electronic management
  • European Court Precedent Law
  • Medical Law
  • Tourism Law
  • Sport Law

At present, the department has a doctor of law, headed by Professor Amir Ibrahim Oglu Aliyev. The main characteristic of the department in which he is involved feature, the majority of the teaching staff prestigious local and foreign educational institutions graduation and high level in different languages is related to the ability to teach. “Human rights and the right to information” Bachelor’s degree in UNESCO and Azerbaijan at the level of master’s education, Teaching the following subjects in English and Russian.

(UNESCO NO. 2015AZ1099)
(Ver. 04-2023)

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