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UNESCO Chair in Media and Gender


Description and Mandate of the Chair

Communication University of China and China Women’s University co-host the UNESCO Chair on Media and Gender. Media is crucial to the dissemination of advanced concepts on gender equality, the building of a gender-based social culture with an emphasis upon inclusiveness, the publicity of stories related to Chinese women and their growth, and the promotion of dialogue between China and the rest of the world.

The chair is devoting to trans-disciplinary and comprehensive research institute on media and gender by relying on the abundant academic resources in UNESCO and CUC, and making full use of its advantages in the field of media industry, journalism and communication theory.

This chair mainly engages in the research on basic and practical theory and disciplinary establishment, in producing media products with gender awareness and characters, in training research staffs with professional quality and multi-cultural views, in order to promote the development on media and gender research and change the relationships between media and gender. This chair has 7 professional research staff. As the chairholder of UNESCO-CUC chair on Media and Gender, Prof. Liu Liqun is the director of MGI and the dean of School of International Communication of CUC. She has her research interest in the field of Media and Gender and international communication. Gender and Media Communication, her Ph.D. thesis, focused on women and communication media in the U.S.A, was published in 2004 and won many awards and good credit in the field. The chair would like to promote the goals on harmonious development of media and gender, to take the emphasis on media and gender academic research, to put forward gender equity awareness through media and to accelerate gender development and social progress.

UNESCO-CUC Chair in Media and Gender was set up in 2005.  It’s the first and only UNESCO chair in the communication field in China. As the executive organization of this chair, Media and Gender Institute (MGI) of Communication University of China (CUC) was established on September 1st, 2004.  It is the first institute on media and gender in China.

(UNESCO No. 2005CN0690)
(Ver. PBe 03-2023)

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