Communication and social networks


For the first time in 5,000 years the tendency toward the concentration of power is being reversed. The social media, as the detonators of this break with the history of human communication, have caused communities to be activated and expanded as they observe and give opinions, organize and question the credibility of institutions, speeding up the collapse of official discourses and truths.

Communities and Social Networks: the collapse of pyramids offers a summarized but profound review of the transformation that the communications media, their agendas and their discourses have undergone, and of how the deep-rooted [T-M-R] formula of the 1940s has become totally insufficient to explain and guide 21st- century communications. Communicating is an unavoidable cha- llenge for the fulfillment of people and communities; of their pro- jects and identities.

This text emphasizes the possibilities of this new scenario. The social networks can foster a shift from the lineal and unidirectional paradigm to the paradigm of communication as the construction of communities. Manifesting that new representation could alter social coexistence in all areas and empower communities in the design of their future.

This book is an invitation to analyze the powerful sphere of com- munications; to strengthen social networks; to create community; to act with optimism and not just stop to watch with amazement as the pyramids collapse.


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