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Professor Marguerite Moritz was officially appointed in 2006 Chairholder of the UNESCO Chair in International Journalism by the University of Colorado (U of C).

As part of her new responsibilities she is working for the Vice-president
of Research at U of C to internationalize the work of the graduate students and faculty through enhanced and expanded research exchanges.

She chairs a Task Force on this topic that involves all graduate education on the Boulder campus, including communications.

In June 2006, she traveled to China where she visited 6 universities in three
different cities. These visits involved meetings with deans and directors of
communications and journalism programs. In addition, she gave lectures and
seminars to students and faculty. As a result of this trip, two Chinese delegations visited Boulder in the fall and signed agreements with the Chancellor of U of C to collaborate on research and teaching. The Chinese schools involved are Communication University of China and Shanghai International Studies University.

Several U of C professors are in the process of planning visits to these
schools in 2007 and 2008.

A second initiative involves Turkey where the Chairholder will lead a group (one adjunct professor, herself, and two graduate students from out Journalism program) who will participate in a film festival there, showing our work and hosting some seminars.

Finally, Professor Moritz has on going collaborations in France with the Sorbonne, Sciences Politiques, and the University of Versailles.

Mandats et activités



Collaborations continue between my program at the University of Colorado and three universities in China where I made original contact in 2006.

1. Communication University of China: CUC graduate Liang Zheng, whom I met in 2006 in Beijing, is now entering year three of his doctoral studies at Colorado. I am chairing his thesis committee ; his work will focus on the treatment of ethnic minorities , specifically Uighurs in Jinxian Province, in Chinese media.

2. Shanghai International Studies University. Under the direction of the UNESCO Chair, we have hosted four visiting junior scholars from SISU on the Boulder campus since 2006 and hosted their VP of Research in 2006 and again in 2008 for discussions of on-going collaboration and exchange. Specifically, I arranged for a law student from SISU to be in residence on the Boulder campus in Fall 2008 under the guidance of Barbara Bintliff, Nicholas Rosenbaum Professor of Law. Prof. Bintliff subsequently was invited to lecture at SISU in the summer of 2009. Additionally, Professors Mindy Keiger and David Slaydon taught an advanced advertising portfolio workshop to SISU students in 2008.

3. I arranged for David Bernknopf, a Hearst Professional in Residence at CU and former VP of News at CNN, to lecture at CUC, SISU and at Jiao Dong University in Xian in AY 2008-2009.

4. My application to offer a « global seminar » to CU undergraduates was approved. The course will involve travel to China where students will study about and visit Muslim and Jewish communities. It will be offered in summer 2012.


1. I am a collaborator on a documentary project, working title, Muslims in the Mountains, which looks at Muslim communities in the Rocky Mountain West. Initial research and production starts in January 2010 and is being funded by a grant from the School of Journalism and Mass Communication at CU.

2. I will be participating as a panelist in the international conference on Islam and the Media, Jan. 7-10, 2010 on the CU campus.

3. I am preparing a chapter on representations of Muslims in contemporary US media for the upcoming edition of Images that Injure:Pictorial Stereotypes in the Media published by Praeger.


1. I presented a paper on « Verification Standards During Crisis Reporting: Columbine, Katrina and Virginia Tech, » at the international conference on Violence in a Networked Society, University of Helsinki, Nov. 2009. The paper is being considered for publication in a special issue of the journal Crime, Media, Culture. Additionally, my blog postings on lessons from the conference appear on the website of the Dart Center for Journalism and Trauma.

2. I organized two workshops for journalism educators in April, 2009. The event was sponsored by the Dart Center and held at San Francisco State University and involved more than a dozen educators from the Bay area.

3. I presented a workshop for professional journalists on the ethics of crisis reporting in the Internet era at the Canadian Journalists Association’s annual conference, Vancouver, May 2009.

4. I presented a paper, « We Don’t Make the News, We Just Report It: Television Journalism and Trauma Narratives, » at an international conference on Ethics and Trauma in Contemporary Narratives, held in March 2009 at University of Zaragoza, Spain The paper is under review for publication.

5. « Students as Creators and Consumers of e-News: The Case of Virginia Tech » appears in E- journalism: New directions in New Media and News Media. Kiran Prasad (Ed). (2009), BRPC,New Delhi. I co-authored the article with doctoral student Sunyoung Kwak.


1. Visiting scholar, University of Stockholm, Dept of Journalism, Media and Communication (JMK) Aug-Dec. 2009. In this capacity I gave research seminars, public lectures, did classroom teaching at both undergraduate and graduate levels, offered a leadership seminar for women managers from Swedish media, and did international student advising. In addition, research collaborations were begun with faculty in JMK and in Political Science. My $50, 000 grant application to carry out collaborative research in Sweden and Finland is under review.

2. I helped to organize and administer an exchange program in which 12 executive MBA students from University of Paris IV(Sorbonne) spent a week in the Boulder area studying sustainable energy collaborations between CU research centers and Colorado entrepreneurs(Oc.t 24-31, 2009) .

3. I hosted a CU campus workshop on exchange opportunities in Canada.

4. I organized and administered a visit by three journalism department chairs from South Africa, Namibia and Uganda, all in the US to learn about on science and environmental reporting. This was under the auspices of the International Leadership Program, US Dept of State. April 20-21, 2009.

5. I organized and administered a visit by 18 Danish school teachers, social workers and youth counselors interested in immigration and integration. International Leadership Program, US Dept of State. May 19, 2009.


Marguerite Moritz
University of Colorado, SJMC

One of my main projects is building relationships in China. This began with my 2006 visit to schools in Shanghai, Xian and Beijing which has led to several connections with Shanghai International Studies University (SISU) and with Communications University of China (CUC).

CUC: The School of Journalism and Mass Communication admitted Zheng Liang to our doctoral program in Fall 2007. He is fully funded for 4 years of study and he is currently working with me on a research project involving US and Chinese media coverage of the Beijing Olympics. I met Liang during my 2006 visit, encouraged him to apply to CU and served as a reference for him, all of which
helped him gain admission. His work is excellent and he is making good progress in year one of the program.

I have proposed a short course on covering disaster and trauma to be offered at CUC. The project has been approved and now we are looking for a time to schedule a 2 or 3 week visit where I will be a visiting professor. I have also created a new course for CU students, China and the News. This has been approved by our curriculum committee and will be scheduled in 2009.
SISU. I arranged for two junior scholars from SISU to be in residence at CU-Boulder during the fall 2007 term. They attended classes, met faculty and students and worked on their research. A third SISU scholar will be in residence in Fall 2008.

Two CU faculty are spending May 2008 at SISU delivering a month-long intensive undergraduate advertising program called « ADSA2B » which helps students develop a portfolio and enter the ad industry. This program was developed for CU students and has had a successful track record in the US and has the potential to become a more permanent feagture of the CU-SISU connection.

A CU student is in residence at SISU for 5 months working on her professional MA project, taking Chinese language classes and living on the campus in Shanghai. SISU arranged for her residency at my request. The student’s project focuses on the reclamation of a Jewish synagogue in Shanghai and the revitalization of the Jewish community there.

Together with my colleague Rosental Alves, I have submitted a $180,000 grant proposal to the US Dept. of Education’s North American Student Mobility initiative. Partern schools are Ryerson and U/Regina in Canada and U/Monterey and Guadalajara in Mexico. If approved, the grant will fund faculty and student exchanges across the schools.

I continue to consult on the UNESCO slave trades film project produced and directed by Diane Seligsohn. The pilot episode focuses on the Indian Ocean and Middle East and had its US premiere at Lincoln Center as part of the NY African Film Festival in April 2008. This was followed by a mini-conference at Columbia hosted by the African Studies Dept. in which I also participated.

I am spending four weeks in May 2008 at the University of Malta’s communication school as a Fulbright Senior Specialist. I was selected competitively by the school to consult with them on the creation of a dual degree program (US and Malta) in video and film.

1. China Initiatives
Visiting Scholars:
a.I have arranged for three visiting scholars from Shanghai International Studies University SISU) to be in residence at the University of Colorado-Boulder. Professors Chen and ZhuKe are currently in residence (Aug ’07 to January 08) and Prof Hui will arrive in Fall 08.
b. We have admitted our first doctoral student from China. I recruited Liang Zheng when I met him in Beijing in 2006 and he is now on the Boulder campus.

Course Development:
a.I have received a small grant from CU’s Center for Asian Studies to develop a course entitled « China in the News: How Western Journalism Constructs the East. » It has been approved bv my school and I have asked to teach it in Spring 08.
b.I am in the process of developing and organizing a workshop for SISU on crisis communication which will focus on product recalls and be offered to corporate communications specialists in Shanghai.
c.A second workshop tentatively scheduled for May 2008 will be offered in Beijing and look at contemporary television journalism.
d. Two colleagues from my school will offer a course in Advertising for SISU students in May 08.

2. Turkey initiative
a. I have organized a research cooperation agreement with CU and Anadolu University which has been approved by both institutions.
b. I am working with Anadolu to spend part of my upcoming sabbatical in residence there conducting research and teaching.

a. I participated in an international conference on trauma, crisis and new media technologies funded by U of Gothenburg. My paper has been accepted for publication in a book on e-journalism.

Report to UNESCO 2006-July 2007

As part of my UNESCO chair responsibilities I am working for the Vice President for Research to internationalize the work of our graduate students and faculty through enhanced and expanded research exchanges. I chair a Task Force on this topic that involves all graduate education on the Boulder campus, including communications.

In June 2006, I traveled to China where I visited six universities: Fudon, Shanghai International Studies University (SISU), University of Shanghai, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics (SUFE), Jiao Tong in Xian and Communication University of China (CUC) in Beijing. These visits involved meetings with deans and directors
of communications and journalism programs. In addition, I gave a series of lectures and seminars to students and faculty.

As a result of this trip, delegations from SISU and CUC visited Boulder in the fall and signed agreements with our Chancellor to collaborate on research and teaching and those exchanges are now underway. Specifically, Professor Chen Peiqin from SISU was a Fulbright resident scholar on the campus in April 2007 and two of her colleagues are planning on being scholars in residence here for the entire fall semester in 2007. Two members of my faculty will go to SISU in December 2007 to offer a month-long seminar on advertising.

CUC is sending a doctoral student to enter our program beginning in August. He has a four-year appointment provided to him by SJMC. A faculty member from our program will be lecturing at CUC in the fall. Other U of Colorado professors are in the process of planning exchange visits to
these schools in 2007 and 2008.

A second initiative involves University of Anadolu in Turkey where one adjunct
professor, myself, and one graduate students from our journalism program
participated in a film festival there, showing our work and offering seminars and lectures in May 2007. I am in the process of establishing a formal research exchange agreement with Anadolu.

As a result of meetings and lectures that I have undertaken, research, faculty and student exchanges have been formally approved in 2007 between University of Colorado and Sciences Politique in Paris and the University of Versailles. I have on-going collaborations with University of Paris IV and had a teaching residence there for the month of January in 2007. Additionally, I arranged for three other faculty from CU to give month long seminars there as well.

I obtained a grant to bring in CNN-International news executive Jim Schiffman to teach a course here in May 2006 on Reporting on China. A similar grant has been awarded to me to create a course on Images of China in Western Media. I helped arrange for our first International Fellow, Myung Seop Kim who is investigative reporter for Korean Broadcasting System, to be a professional in residence at SJMC for 2006-07 academic year. I continue as the school’s laison to the RIAS Berlin Commission and hosted three German journalists in March 2007.

Recent publications:

« Covering the News ‘come hell and high water:’ Journalists in a Disaster » in Learning From Catastrophe: Quick Response Research in the Wake of Hurricane Katrina/ (Natural Hazards Center:NSF Grant CMSO408499, Special Publication #40) Institute of Behavior Science: University of Colorado, 2006, pp 353-372.

« Hate Speech Made Easy: The Virtual Demonisation of Gays, » in Racial, Ethnic and Homophobic Violence: Killing in the Name of Otherness Michel Prum, editors, Michel Prum, Benedicte Deschamps and Marie Claude Barbier
Rutledge-Cavendish, New York and London, 2007 pp 123-132.

Conference participation

I made presentations at numerous conferences including the following:

Hazards Research and Applications Workshop, Annual Conference, National Hazards Center, panel moderator. July 2006

Media and Social Change in Africa conference, University of Westminster, Communication and Media Research Institute. South African Journalists and the Valorization of Crime Reporting, March 25, 2006.


Prof. Marguerite Moritz
University of Colorado


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