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UNESCO Chair in the Information Society


Description and Mandate of the Chair

The UNESCO Chair in Information Society was established in 2003 according to the agreement between UNESCO and Technical University of Georgia, signed at the Technical University of Georgia (Georgia).

The focus of the Chair is research in Information and Communication Techologies with the objective of the development of scientific, training, infomation and documentation systems for integration in the field of Information and Comunication Technologies, which will be the mean of simplification of collaboration among Georgian and Caucasus region Universities and other worldwide institutions, where work internationally acknowledged scientists and pedagogues.

Goal of the chair: “To promote an integrated system of research, training, information and documentation in the field of information and communication technologies.”

The Chair “Information Society” UNESCO participates in the educational process of the Georgian Technical University, but it is not the Chair, which releases specialists. Research and educational works connected with development of new information technologies in education and creation of the Information Society has been declared to be the purpose of the Chair. The permanent staff of the Chair includes: one full member of the Academy of Sciences of Georgia, two professors, two scientific associates, three graduate students and one laboratory assistant. They all work on the public principles, sparing part of their free time to the Chair activities. In case of necessity outside specialists are invited to take part in the developing projects (as a rule they are students, graduate students and employees of the Georgian Technical University).

(UNESCO No. 2003GE0619)
(Ver. 07-2023)

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