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UNESCO Chair in International Journalism and Media in Society


Description and Mandate of the Chair

The UNESCO Chair in Journalism and Communication at Kazak State University was founded in May of 1996 under the Journalism Department.

The Head of the Chair is the Dean of the Department of Journalism Dr. Namazaly Omashev.

Ms. Karlygash Balapanova, the international relations coordinator is a graduate of both Kazak State University and Oklahoma State University (Stillwater, OK, USA), received an MA in Political Science, and a Candidate of Philosophical Sciences degree.

The UNESCO Chair performs following duties:

  • Conducts researches
  • Under an USIA (United States Information Agency) Grant the UNESCO Chair collaborates with the School of Journalism and Broadcasting of Oklahoma State University (Stillwater, OK, USA).
  • Publishes academic journals.
  • Teaches English and Mass Media courses.
  • Conducts conferences.
  • Performs multimedia and distance education training.

The report entitled « Promotion to Multi-Sectorial Regions in Program Development of AIDS and Drug Addiction » was jointly accomplished with the Government of the Republic of Kazakstan, ISPAT-KARMET, and the UNESCO Chair in 1997. The UNESCO Chair was the main organizing center in the joint program with the Government of the Republic of Kazakstan, the UN, and ISPAT-KARMET on preventing the spreading of AIDS in the region. The program supervisor, professor N. Omashev and an assistant professor Sh. Nurgozhina, participated in survey for students, youths, and workers of Karaganda, Temirtau, and ISPAT-KARMET to reveal information about how AIDS is contracted, and spreading of AIDS through drug abuse.

OSU School of Journalism and KazGU Department of Journalism have been cooperating under an USIA Grant since 1997. The Dean of the Department of Journalism, OSU hosted Dr. N. Omashev for one semester in spring of 1998. The Head of the International Journalism Chair, Pr. G. Ibrayeva, visited OSU the following semester. OSU is hosting the teacher of Radio-TV Journalism Chair, Mr. T. Kopbayev, during the present semester. Simultaneously, an assistant professor Jack Hodgson and Dr. Maureen Nemecek have taught a course entitled « The Media of Mass Communication » at the UNESCO Chair. A number of other official visits took place from the part of OSU. KazGU hosted OSU professors as well. Among these were, the Dean of College of Arts and Sciences Dr. Smith Holt, the director of the Journalism School Dr. Paul Smeyak, Dr. Keith Tribble, and others.

The UNESCO Office in Almaty, under Mr. Martin Hadlow UNESCO Regional Communication Advisor for Central Asian Countries, sponsored the publication of « The Journal of Central Asian Media Studies » that was printed in both English and Russian in November of 1995 (before the official opening of the UNESCO Chair at KazGU). Since the fall of 1996 the UNESCO Chair is publishing the same journal under new name Vestnik KazGU: Journalism Series (Kazak State University Herald) in Kazak, English, and Russian.

The UNESCO Chair also has the responsibility of teaching English to the faculty of the Department at KazGU. Mr. T. R. Omarov was the first teacher of English. A Doctoral Candidate from OSU Department of History, Mr. Richard J. Faillace, is presently cooperating with the UNESCO chair and now teaches English along with a « US History and Mass Media » course.

The Department of Journalism and the UNESCO Chair also plans to conduct an international research conference entitled « The Mass Media and Journalistic education in the XXI century » on October 14-16, 1999.

The UNESCO Chair has a multi-media room, which enables us to offer multi-media and distance education training to faculty members.

The preparation of the following grant proposal:

1999-2000: « Journalistic Education and Development of Democratic Journalism in Central Asia (Kazakstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmeniya, Tadjikistan, and Kyrgyzstan) with the Regional UNESCO Office in Central Asia Program Communication Projects and the Research Project of the Journalism Faculty of al-Farabi Kazak State National University.

June 2000: Continuation of the USIA exchange grant between OSU Journalism School and KazGU UNESCO Chair.

From December of 1999: Continuation of publications. We intend to print « Vestnik KazGU » quarterly.

Fall of 1999: 4th round of exchange visits of teachers of the Department of Journalism of KazGU to OSU – Sh. Nurgozhina.

Spring of 2000: 3rd round of exchange visits of an OSU Journalism School graduate visit to the UNESCO Chair – Amy Shields.

Leading and carrying out the scientific theme of the Journalism Department entitled « The Mass media Role in Political, Economic, and Cultural Life of Kazakstan »

The UNESCO Chair and the Journalism Department plan to open a Radio-TV educational channel based in Almaty and transmitted throughout Kazakstan.

The USIA Grant donated a computer, a laptop, a digital camera, a scanner, a projector, a video camera, and other equipment and software to the UNESCO Chair in order to conduct multimedia and distance education training.

The Journalism department at al-Farabi Kazak State University plans to conduct an international scientific conference entitled « The Mass Media and Journalistic Education in the XXI century » on October 14-16, 1999.

The conference will be dedicated to the following issues:

Journalistic Educational Perspectives in the XXI Century.
Contemporary Trends of Kazak and Central Asian Mass Media Development.
Ethical problems of journalism.
The History of Kazak Journalism: Contemporary Inquiries.
The Mass Media and Power: The Issues of Freedom of Speech in a Democratic Society.
Electronic Mass Media, the Internet, and Journalism.
Contemporary Book-publishing.
Foreign Journalism: The Contemporary Experience.
The UNESCO Chair and the Department of Journalism created three panels:

Journalistic Education: Issues and Perspectives in the XXI Century.
The leaders: Professor Omashev N.O., Zasurskyi Y.N.
Electronic Mass Media, the Internet, and Journalism: the Interaction Issues.
The leaders: Professor Barmankulov M.K., Professor Egorov V.V.
The Mass Media and Power: The issues of Freedom of Speech in a Democratic Society.
The leaders: Professor Kozybayev S.K., Professor Golyadkin N.A.
Within the conference framework it is planned to conduct a round-table « An Entrance of Kazakstan in to the Worldwide Information Space ».
The leaders: dotsent Ibrayeva G.Zh., Dr. Maureen Nemecek.

Conference Purposes:

  • To promote research concerning journalistic education in Republic of Kazakstan;
  • To improve the process of preparation of journalists for the XXI century;
  • To establish contacts, and outline perspectives of mutually beneficial cooperation on the scientific and practical activity between the scholars of the Republic of Kazakstan and other countries of Central Asia, as well as countries of CIS and other foreign countries.

Conference Tasks:

  • To call attention and involve scholars and journalism school leaders of local and foreign universities to the problems of journalistic education at the turn of the XXI century;
  • To promote integration and coordination of scientific research being conducted throughout Kazakstan and foreign universities in order to advance the preparation of highly qualified journalism professionals;
  • To further inculcate the new progressive methods of teaching and technology into the practical instruction of journalism courses.

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