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“I have been convinced constantly that development is primarily a matter of societal awareness. The more citizens have sound awareness and possess sufficient knowledge, the more this will help accelerate the national development process and achieve prosperity for citizens. Mass communications play a major role in spreading societal awareness and motivating people to develop and modernize plans, programs and achieve sustainable development that will benefit successive generations. The Mass communication’s responsibility towards the sustainable development process in Yemen and all other developing countries is focused on providing people with the greatest amount of facts and knowledge that allows the exchange of information freely and on large scales through traditional media and through modern information and communication technology alike, to enable citizens to participate in the development process in a positive and effective manner.

“As many experiences and studies confirm, the media has its ability to contribute to the success of many national development campaigns such as, campaigns for girls’ education, reproductive health and awareness of many diseases prevalent in Yemen, the last of which was awareness campaigns about the Corona epidemic. The efforts made through social media and electronic platforms on the Internet, which allowed new dimensions of media’s roles in development and became the most influential and widespread tools over the communities during the current century. Meanwhile, the rapid growth in the means of communication and the great expansion usage opened new horizons, increased freedom of knowledge access and creating a new social and cultural environment.

“It has become important to realize the importance of the mass communication’s role in national development of Yemen, especially in decision making centers and its related institutions, through the adoption of various development strategies and programs that work on integrating the media dimension as one of its basic success components. As well as enhancing media capabilities, especially through the investing of qualified youth people that have the ability to adapt and absorb. Thus, the mature-developed media, which depends on deep analysis and reality study can deal with complex issues and be able to deliver its message locally and internationally.

“In order for the media to play its noble role in development, achieving social peace and justice, and strengthening institutions, it is necessary to support legal and regulatory reforms of the media environment, support the media’s ability to enhance accountability, press freedom and protect journalists, as well as developing the media’s professional skills through training their teams to understand their awareness of their noble roles in the development of society and people.”

(Ver. 08-2022)

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