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Dr. Farhan Rashed Olimat, is currently working at the department of public relations and Advertising/ faculty of Media at Yarmouk University based in Irbid, Jordan.

He holds a Master of Science in Media from Yarmouk University (Irbid, Jordan); as well as a Doctorate of Philosophy in Public Relations from The governmental Lebanon University (Beirut, Lebanon).

He has currently published extensively on themes such as public relations, social medias, the use of internet and publicity. Some of my published publications includes:

  1. The reality of teaching media in Jordanian universities
  2. The role of Arabic languages councils in the Arabization of media and communication terms
  3. The problem of teaching media in Jordanian universities, “methodology and study plans”

He also contributed in the publication of the book entitled: “The role of the media, communication and public relations in educating university youth on the goals of Jordanian development funds”.

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