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Career and Management career

Vice President of the Humanities Department in charge of studies and issues related to student (2011- 2012), Faculty of Arts, Languages, Humanities and Social Sciences – University of Tebessa

Vice President  of the Humanities Department in charge of Post-graduation and Scientific Research (2012-2013), Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences – Tebessa

Vice Dean of the College in charge of Post-graduation, Scientific Research, External Relations and Cooperation (Dec. 2014), Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences – Tebessa

Expert member for PhD training projects (Sept. 2019), Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research

Other experiences

  • Professor at the Higher Institute of Paramedical Training.
  • Head of the university training research project entitled (Institutional Communication in the Higher Education Sector 2019).
  • Editor-in-chief of the Journal of Al-Resala for Human Studies and Research issued by the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences (Tebessa University).
  • Member of the National Commission for Health Promotion and Research Development.

Completed Research Projects

  • Received the first prize for Al Jazeera Center for Media Studies, November 2011 session, ranked first in the world.
  • Received the first prize for the best scientific research in the Islamic Studies and Humanities Conference in Malaysia, April 2017.
  • A project to research the image of women in the local media.
  • Research project (institutional communication in the higher education sector).

Scientific Events

  • Supervising and presiding over the organization of (04 national forums at Larbi Tebessa University of Tebessa)
  • Supervising and chairing the organization of the Global Forum (Media Education in a Changing World, Reality and Stakes, April 10, 2018 AD, University of Tebessa).
  • Participated in many international conferences inside and outside Algeria (Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan, Oman, Tunisia, Morocco, Egypt, Britain, Germany, Kuwait…) in addition to participating in national conferences inside Algeria.
  • He has many scientific articles published in international refereed scientific journals outside Algeria (India, Malaysia, Nigeria, Jordan, Morocco, Palestine, Libya,…) and national journals inside Algeria.
  • He has a set of international and national publications (pedagogical books 13 books in the field of media and communication, including communication strategies and public relations, public relations and creating the mental image of the institution, marketing communication, organizational communication, institutional communication, corporate communication, communication strategies and techniques…).

Research interests

  • Communication skills
  • Digital communication in the enterprise.
  • Systematic analysis of the management and administration of the institution.
  • Digital public relations in the organization.
  • Artificial intelligence and the digital environment.

Curriculum vitae

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