Butt, Danny

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Dr. Danny Butt coordinates the Master of Arts and Community Practice at the Victorian College of the Arts, University of Melbourne. His research focuses on the integration of art schools into the university sector, and the implications of artistic research for science-based modes of knowledge. His book Artistic Research in the Future Academy was published in 2017 by Intellect/University of Chicago. Beginning his career as a musician, designer, and curator/organiser, Danny has written, lectured and consulted widely on new media and cultural politics, including work for intergovernmental agencies such as UNDP and ASEAN. He is the editor of the books PLACE: Local Knowledge and New Media Practice (with Jon Bywater and Nova Paul) (Cambridge Scholars Press 2008) and Internet Governance: Asia Pacific Perspectives (Elsevier and UNDP-APDIP 2006). Danny works with the Auckland-based collective Local Time <http://www.local-time.net> on intercultural and site-specific arts projects.


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