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Prof. Gissela Dávila Cobo is the general guideline of the CIESPAL research center.

Mission of CIESPAL

Work for the consolidation of democratic communication and its exercise as a human right on the basis of freedom of expression, editorial, radio, audiovisual, multimedia and technological innovation production; training and service offerings; research and the collective construction and dissemination of Latin American thought, in a dialogue of knowledge; and the opening of a space for articulation between citizens, social organizations, academia and the States for innovation and social transformation.


To consolidate itself as a benchmark regional platform for free, plural, democratic and intercultural communication.


  • Respect human rights, freedom of expression, opinion and thought
  • Promotes critical reflection and networking
  • It is supportive, plural and inclusive

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  • Página web de la Cátedra UNESCO Libertad de Expresión y Sociedades del Conocimiento – CIESPAL:
  • Página web profesional:
  • Cátedra de investigación en la que participas: Cátedra UNESCO, Cátedra Luis Ramiro Beltrán, Cátedra Jesús Martín-Barbero, Cátedra Armand Mattelart

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