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Djanaeva, Nurgul

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In the International University of Kyrgyzstan

I work as a Vice President for Planning and International relations. My responsibilities are to develop and monitor Strategic Plan of the IUK, development of International links with foreign universities, educational associations, to work for International accreditation, to develop international programs, participate in the collaboration policy development, as well as publication and dissemination of achievements of my country univerisites collaboration.

I particiapte in using new technologies in education, in international networking. One of the projects I participate is develipment of international ties with Europe, development of human resources capacity. One of my initiatives wss setting up of courses for University teachers “New Technologies in Education”.

I also teach philosophy, subjects of philosophical thought, existentialism, philosophy of Fr. Nitzsche and I offer students special course in Social Ecology.

In resarch area

My interests are in Philosophy of science, in particular, philosophical aspects of social ecology development, including conception of socio-ecological crisis, socio-ecological consciousness, socio-ecological paradigma. Ecological education is in my area of research interest. I also do research in globalisation of education.

In Women’s movement

I particiapte in Women’s movement since 1993, since 1994 being a president of Women’s forum, I participated in women’s groups consolidation, women’s resources development.

One of my initiatives is development of “Women’s Studies” in Kyrgyzstan, at this idea I and my colleagues work now.

Our group’s training program includes computer training for women, institutional development of women’s NGOs, etc. I facilitated the idea of using new technologes in Women’s development, investigation of the general conception of globalization and its instrumentalization.

We have designed a project “Electrolization of Central Asian women’s network”, which will help to create communications for development.

We have initiated a women’s digest for women’s NGOs of Kyrgyzstan. One of the last events were two Central Asian Women’s conference devoted to Consolidation and discussion of means of Women’s Collaboration, discussion of means of collaboration – Joint Electronic Information Space for Women in Central Asia.

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