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Seow Hiong Goh has been in the ICT industry for 30 years – 10 years in government, and 20 years in the private sector working on ICT policy issues with governments across the Asia Pacific region. At Cisco, he advises government officials and regulators on a range of ICT-related policy issues, and assists governments in adopting policies and regulations that foster investment, innovation, growth and adoption of advanced ICT technologies and services. His current focus areas include advising on cybersecurity, data privacy, broadband strategies, competition, innovation, Internet-of-Things and e-government.

Mr. Goh was in the Singapore public service for 10 years, where he undertook various responsibilities including Deputy Director for Infocomm Development Policy, Deputy Director for Infocomm Security and Special Assistant to the CEO at the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore. He was subsequently in private legal practice for several years, before taking up the position as Director, Software Policy for Asia with the Business Software Alliance for five years. He joined Cisco in his present position in 2008.

Mr. Goh has a Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science, with Honors and Distinction in General Scholarship from the University of California at Berkeley, and a Master of Science in Computer Science from Stanford University. He also holds a Bachelor of Law with Honors from the University of London and a Postgraduate Diploma of Singapore Law with Merit from the National University of Singapore. He has completed the Executive Management Program in Strategic Management at the National University of Singapore. He is called to the bar of the Supreme Court of Singapore as an advocate and solicitor.

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