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Professor Peter Greste, brings more than 30 years of experience as a journalist and foreign correspondent to the task, as well as a unique perspective on the relationship between the media and government. His focus has been on the intersection between media freedom and national security, leading a research program and engaging with policy makers, advocacy groups and the media. He also brings his experience to the classroom, helping students develop their understanding and skills in this vital field.

The UNESCO Chair in Journalism and Communication is focused on research and public debate about the future of journalism so it is able to perform that role effectively. In a world full of misinformation and polarisation, society needs a solid base of truthful information and analysis more than ever before. Whether it is around issues like the War on Terror, the coronavirus pandemic, climate change, or immigration, the role of good journalism should be to inform public debate and hold government to account.

(Ver. PBe 01-2022)


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