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Medrano Samaniego, Concepción (Conchi)

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Professor of Evolutionary Psychology and Education in said department, as well as its director. She is responsible for the UNESCO Chair in Communication and Educational Values ​​at the University of the Basque Country UPV/EHU. She has directed and co-directed different research projects and doctoral theses on values ​​and education with researchers from other national and international universities.

Her current line of research focuses on the study of the relationships between the media, as agents of socialization in childhood and youth, and the construction of identity. She has different publications (texts, articles in both national and international impact magazines) in this line of work that support her research trajectory. She is responsible for the Doctorate in Psychodidactics: Educational Psychology and Specific Didactics. She has been President of the Evaluation Committee of Social and Legal Sciences for the Evaluation of degrees at Uniqual and associate editor of the magazine Infancia y Lectura, expert member of the Aneca Academy Program and evaluator of research projects at Anep. She has three positive CNEAI Research Evaluation sections and six five-year terms.

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