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José Manuel Perez Tornero is a Professor with a previous special services statute as the recent former president of RTVE (Radio y Televisión Española / Spanish Radio and Television Corporation). He is a Doctor Honoris Causa by the University Aix-Marseille and holds a Ph.D. in Communication Studies. He was the director of the research group on Communication and Education (Gabinete de Comunicación y Educación) supported by the Autonomous Government of Catalonia. The scientific contribution of the group to research is well acknowledged internationally. Prof. Tornero promotes collaboration between researchers all around the world (Europe, South America, Mediterranean Countries, Africa, USA, and other).

Since 2004, Prof. Tornero has been known as a prominent expert on media and digital literacy. The European Commission invited him to provide his expertise to this line of work in Europe and to join other researchers. He has been a member of the Expert Group on “Media Literacy” of the European Commission, and also of the Expert Group of UNESCO. He has participated in different studies related to the field, and he has developed projects and activities oriented towards the creation of a framework for developing policy advice. Prof. Tornero has collaborated with EAVI, the appointed coordinator for this project, throughout several years on the projects referenced below.

Ref.: Information from the Website of the chair.

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