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Petrakos, George

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Chairman of Agilis SA (2007-present)

International Projects (outside EU)

Scientific work on Metadata, Data Quality, Survey Methodology, ICT Statistics

Research in Official Statistics-Publications and Conferences Presentations

Managing Director of Agilis SA (2001-2007)
Financial Management
Exploitation of R&D projects and New

Scientific work on Data Validation,
Metadata, Data Quality, Survey Methodology, Foreign Trade Statistics

Research in Official
Statistics-Publications and Conferences Presentations

General Director of Agilis SA (Former
Liaison Systems SA (1998-2001)

Project Management of IST-EPROS research

Research in Official Statistics-Publications and Conferences Presentations

Scientific work on Data Validation, Metadata, Data Quality, Survey Methodology

Company projects coordination

Financial Management

Senior Expert on Survey Methodology
(1996-2000) National Labor Institute of Greece

Large Socio-economic Surveys

Survey Design (Questionnaires –Registers-
Classifications- Sampling – Costing)

Data Collection Management
Statistical Data Analysis (SPSS, Minitab)

Presentation of Survey Results
Scientific Manager (1996-2000) University
of Athens Dept. of Mathematics and Statistics, Agricultural University of

Statistical Metadata
Experimental Design

Statistical Data Analysis – Statistical
Packages (SPSS, Minitab)

Technical writing

Statistical Unit Director, Archimedia LTD

IDA, ESPRIT projects

Transmission of Statistical Data – Stadium,
Statel, Gesmes

Business Process Re engineering –
Quantitative part. (System Architect, Work flow)

Statistical Data Analysis

Statistical Consultant, University of
Wyoming – Biostatistical Center (1990-1993)

Exxon Spill in Alaska, Wildlife Management
of Yellowstone, Grand Teton and state of WY

Design of Experiment – Agriculture –
Discrete Choice Modelling

Survey Design and Implementation

Bio-Sampling (Capture Recapture – Band
Recovery- Line Transect)

Statistical Data Analysis

Statistical Consultant, George Washington
University– (1988-1990)

World Bank, Associated Press, Biostaticial
Center, Maryland
Survey Data Analysis (SAS)

Questionnaire Design

Biostatistics – Clinical
Trial, Survival Analysis, SAS programming

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