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Tolosa Soza, Mauricio

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À propos

Mauricio Tolosa was born in Punta Arenas, Chile, in 1961, and has lived in Santiago, Paris, Mexico DF, Bangalore and Panama. He is one of the pioneers in reflection, education and application of communications theory anchored in the thoughts of the School of Santiago, where he presides over the Fundación de la Comunicología (Communicology Foundation).

He is founder and director of the Mayanadia Think Tank, and organization that for almost two decades has led important projects with government and citizen institutions in Latin America financed by the UNDP, the IDB and the World Bank.

He promoted the introduction of strategic communication in Latin American universities during the 1990s. He ran the first diploma course for Mexico’s ITAM in 1992 and the first specialization in Chile in 1996. He currently teaches at the THOT Communications Learning Space.

He is the author of the books Un Giro en la Comunicación (A Shift in Communication, 2007), Comunicología de la Aldea Global a la Comunidad Global (Communications Theory from the Global Village to the Global Community, 1999) and the short novel Viaje al Norte de las Fronteras (Journey North of the Borders, 1991). A columnist and blogger, his texts have been published in every continent; a creator and participant in the community SITIOCERO, a space for dialogue on and from communications whose challenge is to strengthen synergies among digital technologies, communities and contents.

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