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Dr. Majed Salem Turban is a professor of electronic journalism at the Faculty of Mass Communication at Al-Aqsa University in Gaza – Palestine. He works at this university since 1998, and rose through the academic ranks in teaching media and communication, and obtained a master’s in 2002 and a doctorate in 2007. In 2013, he became associate professor, and finally got a professorship in journalism and communication technology in 2019.

As far as  research is concerned, he has done nearly 30 research studies in media and communication dealing the media’s treatment of many issues in addition to studies that dealt with the uses of media and communication, as well as news websites and citizen journalism by the public and its role in promoting a culture of political and social change. He also conducted  a study concerned with promoting the values of citizenship and media and information education, in addition to other  studies related to  the development of media strategies for the Palestinian media in order to promote  many issues that are of great interest to the Palestinian public.

He also worked as a trainer in the field of developing communication skills where he  trained many graduates of media colleges in areas of media and children, media and women, investigative journalism, fighting corruption, social networks, occupational safety for journalists, blogging, electronic democracy, developing strategic thinking skills and other topics. In addition, he has many books on electronic journalism, citizenship media, investigative journalism on corruption issues, media and social change, paper journalism and electronic transformation.

Finally, he has research interests in the areas of communication and development as well as new journalism, and social networks. He is also a research referee for one of the court’s media journals, as well as a member of the editorial board of several scientific journals specialized in communication and media.

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