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Woldemariam, Metasebia

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From Plymouth State U. Website:

Metasebia Woldemariam received her Ph.D. from the Joint Program in Communication offered by the Université du Québec à Montréal, Concordia University and the Université de Montréal. Her research interests include African media and cultural studies, feminist media scholarship and international/developmental communication. Prior to joining the faculty at Plymouth State University, Dr. Woldemariam worked as a research associate for the ORBICOM Network for UNESCO Chairs in Communications in Montreal, Quebec. In Canada, she taught courses at Concordia University and McGill University.

Research Associate
Orbicom – International Network of UNESCO Chairs in Communications
Editing research on gap between training and employment in communications for this international organization that sponsors conferences, research, and joint ventures between communiations experts in all fields; editors of ORBICOM Newsletter.

Manager, Acquisitions
Science TV
Montréal 1996-1998
Reviewing social science documentaries and scripts, working with producers to ensure their documentaries meet international broadcast market requirements
Symbiose Sponsorship Agency
Montréal 1997 (4Months)
Reviewing and editing articles for book entitled TV Sponsorship in America (1999), Writing, editing, translating documents and press releases.

Research Associate
Joint Centre Asia Pacific Communication Research
Montreal 1992-1997, part-time (began as research assistant)
Analysing Japanese development policies to discern their social/cultural effects in Africa; researching differing approaches in cross-cultural, international and development communication theory and practice, presenting papers at various conferences.

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