Turkey, Istanbul (IBU)

UNESCO Chair in Cultural Policy and Cultural Diplomacy


Description and Mandate of the Chair

Istanbul Bilgi University, UNESCO Chair in Cultural Policy and Cultural Diplomacy carries the distinction of being interdisciplinary which our University is a pioneer in Turkey about Culture (and art) Management and Cultural Policy in the field of Art and Culture Management BA, Cultural Management MA and Cultural Policy and Management Research Center (KPY) will have a function that improves the scientific activities carried out so far.

  • To contribute to the existing works in our country and among international cultural institutions in this field to increase international cultural cooperation and dialogue.
  • To develop international cooperation between cultural industries, stakeholders and civil society in order to preserve and improve the diversity of cultural expressions.
  • To carry out capacity building activities to support participatory cultural policies and to support the existing international network in this field.
  • Collaborate with UNESCO and UNESCO chairs in similar fields.
  • To make theoretical contributions to the field by continuing the Cultural Policy and Management Yearbook published by the University to date.

With these characteristics, BİLGİ UNESCO Chair will work closely with many departments and programs of our university such as Cultural Studies, Economics, International Relations, Ph.D. in Communication, European Institute and Center for Migration Research.

Infor. about the opening of the Chair

(UNESCO No. 2018TR1272)
(Ver. PBe 03-2023)

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