Ukraine, Kharkiv

UNESCO Chair “Philosophy of Human Communication, Social Sciences and Humanities”


Description and Mandate of the Chair

UNESCO Chair / Department of UNESCO “Philosophy of Human Communication”, Social Sciences and Humanities is special and unique in the State University of Biotechnology (Kharkiv, Ukraine).

It was founded in May 1996, as a result of the signing of an agreement between the Director-General of UNESCO and the Rector of the Kharkiv State Technical University of Agriculture (now – State University of Biotechnology).  In 2008, as a result of merging with the Departments of Philosophy and History of Ukraine, the UNESCO Chair “Philosophy of Human Communication”, Social Sciences and Humanities was renamed.  Currently, the UNESCO Chair is a structural unit of the Faculty of Management, Administration and Law.

Since 2021, the UNESCO Chair has been training bachelors in specialty 054 “Sociology”.  Since 2022, the UNESCO Chair has also been training bachelors in specialty 015 “Professional Education”.  Also the UNESCO Chair provides humanitarian training for students of all specialties of the University. Special attention is paid to the national and patriotic education of youth.

The UNESCO Chair annually holds: International scientific and methodological conference “Slobozhansky Humanitarian” and All-Ukrainian interdisciplinary scientific and practical conference for students and young scientists “Actual Issues of Modern Socio-Humanitarian Knowledge” with the publication of collections of scientific works.

(UNESCO No. 1996UA0271)
(Ver. 03-2023)

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