Ukraine, Kharkiv

UNESCO Chair « Philosophy of Human Communication, Social Sciences and Humanities »


Description and Mandate of the Chair

UNESCO Chair / Department of UNESCO « Philosophy of Human Communication », Social Sciences and Humanities is special and unique in the Kharkiv Petro Vasylenko National Technical University of Agriculture. It occupies a worthy place among the Departments of UNESCO in Ukraine.

It was founded in May 1996, as a result of the signing of an agreement between the Director-General of UNESCO and the Rector of the Kharkiv State Technical University of Agriculture (now – KhNTUA).  In 2008, as a result of merging with the Departments of Philosophy and History of Ukraine, the Department of UNESCO « Philosophy of Human Communication, Social Sciences and Humanities » was renamed.  The Department provides humanitarian training for students of all specialties of the University.

Topics of scientific research of teachers: philosophy of communication, philosophical and sociological understanding of modern problems; issues of humanization and humanitarianization of higher education; the phenomenon of tourism in economic, philosophical and historical aspects; innovative development of the tourist sphere, recreation, local lore tourism, development of green rural tourism; communication theory, philosophy of science…

(UNESCO No. 271)
(Ver. PBe 06-2022)


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