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UNESCO Chair in Artificial Intelligence


Description and Mandate of the Chair

The Chair studies Artificial Intelligence (AI) as a driver and component for solutions and strategies to assist the achievement of the SDGs.  It will contribute to the way information can be intelligently assimilated and utilized across a range of sectors and services, and drive AI to follow a development course.

The project focuses on AI at the national (or regional) level and will offer evidence and guidance ranging from AI research methods, use cases, deployment, exploration, exploitation and operability, applied to all SDG sectors. The implementation, impact and creation analysis of AI initiatives are line with agendas pursued other UNESCO Chairs.

It will create an AI research agenda and technology roadmap, and a series of AI deployment scenarios in specific contexts. The Chair will embed the values of ethics, well-being, peace and human rights within AI, how stakeholders and policymakers can best utilize AI, taking advantage of its benefits and minimizing risks.

John Shawe-Taylor has the role of Chairholder and is already working with the Knowledge Societies Division, CI sector of UNESCO to prepare a mapping of the AI ecosystem in emerging economies. He was also instrumental in designing with the K4A team a challenge for the 2nd World Open Educational Resources (OER) Congress named « Artificial Intelligence for solving SDG 4 » and organized an accompanying event at the Congress on the same theme with several other Chairs.


  • Present the potential of AI for SDGs
  • Place the issue of AI for SDGs on the national, regional and international agenda
  • Mobilizing an AI community
  • Evaluate the critical success and failure factors
  • Disseminate and share the broad AI knowledge


  • AI Research – research activities on AI for SDGs – enabled artificial intelligence applications with definition of case studies
  • Prototype development, installation and deployment of state-of-the-art AI tools and technologies
  • Dissemination and demonstration
  • Exchange of research staff
  • Networking

(UNESCO No. 1318)
(Ver. PBe 11-2022)

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