North Macedonia, Skopje

UNESCO Chair in Futures, Media and Information Literacy


Description and Mandate of the Chair

UNESCO has awarded the ICS with the UNESCO Chair in Futures and Media and Information Literacy under the UNESCO/UNITWIN Chairs Programme.

The main objectives of the UNESCO Chair are:

  1. to empower different groups of the population, including the young generation and disadvantaged groups in a changing and increasingly complex media landscape;
  2. to endorse national and international futures and media and information literacy research of people’s skills, knowledge and understanding of communications technologies and the content they use;
  3. to engage into national and international cooperation in futures literacy for inclusive and equitable knowledge societies in a changing environment.

We see this project as an opportunity to create long-term and sustainable cooperation in media and information literacy, as well as futures literacy, as a step towards creating a more responsible use of modern digital tools for communication and content sharing.

More information about the Chair here.


(UNESCO No. 2023MK1631)

(Ver. 09-2023)

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